Thursday, December 6, 2007

Quiche (by Margaret Knight)

PKU Perspectives Egg Mix (depending on size of Quiche dish - this is how many eggs you will need) I have a small Quiche dish - I use 2 - lo phe eggs - I think 28 grams on the scale -make the mix like the package states (use two tablespoons of water for each egg - so 4 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons of oil (check - I cannot remember)- do exactly what the pku perspectives package says).
mix - lo-phe milk with egg mix I use lo-phe - non dairy creamer (whichever creamer you like - use) Just Like a high phe - quiche mix the ingredients together.
Crust:Make the crust following your favorite lo -phe crust recipe (I use Cambrookes - but I will try some different baking mixes soon - just to compare) If you use cambrooke - use the mix quick recipe to make a pie crust - they will e-mail you the pie crust recipe if you askI do not pre-cook the crustI bake it all together
PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER:Take the pie crust and line it with your favorite lo-phe cheese (keep track of the phe) Take your favorite veggies and line it on top of the cheese (keep track of the phe)Take the liquid mix and pour over QuichePre-heat oven to 350I bake for 30 minutes and then check - stick a fork in - if it comes out without liquid - Quiche is done.

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