Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jolanda's Imitation Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints)


Peppermint starlights - hard mints, white with red (I tried to do it with the soft ones, but it became rock hard after cooling)

Mini marshmallows

Meringue powderWater

Loprofin sweet biscuits

Almond bark

Mix 12 mints with 15 ml of water in a pot and melt. It will take a while, and in the end the last parts didn't seem to melt, just stuck together, so I took that piece out. I added a teaspoon of meringue powder, 12 white mini marshmallows, and +/- 5 ml of water. Mix untill it's a smooth mixture (thick enough to spread onto the cookie). I spread the mixture on Lopofin, sweet biscuits. I poured melted almond bark over them. Mick said it was the best cookie he'd ever had :-)

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