Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mimi's PKU Bread

1 ½ cup water.

a bit of liquid lecithin (about 1tsp, no need to measure).

1 tbsp vegetable oil.

2 cups (240g) wheat starch (22mg PHE when from Dietary Spec.).

1 cup (120g) potato starch (8mg PHE).

1 tbsp psyllium dietary fibers (e.g., Metamucil or Konsyl). I prefer Konsyl as it is 100% psyllium without added sugar, and I prefer the taste.

1 tsp xantham gum.

2 tbsp Vance Dari free powder.

1 tsp salt.

2 tsp sugar.

2 tsp dry yeast (133mg PHE).

Instructions: Put the ingredients in the order listed. Add the dry yeast in a hole on top of the starch, psyllium fibers and Dari free powder. (Make sure it does not touch the salt or the sugar.) Select the basic cycle with the preheat function ON.Total PHE : 163mg

I am very happy to announce that I was finally able to come up with a machine bread recipe that does not use any baking mix!!!! The only « special » ingredient is Xantham gum, which you can most likely find at your local health food store, as it is used in gluten-free baking. I suspect you can use guar gum instead, but the taste may be somewhat different. The recipe also calls for liquid lecithin, which you can probably omit (though I have never tried...), but it helps getting a moister dough. Regarding the choice of starch (wheat and potato), I believe you can use other combinations (e.g., wheat and corn) without affecting the overall texture of the bread, but again the taste might be different. I am using a Zojirushi bread machine (with the preheat cycle on) and I have been getting consistently good results with this recipe. I would be happy to hear your experience with it as well, especially if you are using another bread machine. The recipe is currently posted on my personal website

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