Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homemade LP Noodles

Submitted by Amy W.

1 cup wheat starch
1 tablespoon of nd creamer
2 teaspoons of egg replacer
1/2 stick of parky cold, cut into small piece ( next time I think I would use a bit less parkay)

mix until a corn meal like texture, I used my hands and yes it is very messy....add coffee creamer a tad at a time until you get a sticky dough, then put onto a flat surface with dry wheat starch and add more Wheat starch until you can roll out dough with out it sticking, I rolled mine about 1/4 inch thick cut into strips and drooped one by one into boiling hot vegetable broth, boiled about 4-6 min and gave them to her with just a little broth on them she Loved them!!I also added at the beginning a tad of salt and some onion powder...but that you could omit.

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